Autumn War - Vocals, Guitars
Winter War - Guitars


A. Mansilla - Guitars
L. Mansilla - Bass
J. Sierra - Drums
J.L. Frías - Flutes, Bagpipies
Laura Camón Botella - Violin
Vascón - Bass
Arjan van der Wijst - Drums
Juan Alberto Gómez - Drums


Hordak was formed in 2002 when Autumn and Winter, old friends, unite to créate Pagan metal.

Shortly after, they released “War has Just Begun” (2004) and “The Last European Wolves” (2006), works in which they blend folk instruments with pagan black metal music.
From these first two works, Hordak obtains international recognition and several offers to play abroad.

They opened for bands such as Haggard or Eluveitie among others, participate in the Falkenbach tribute and deliver various compositions for the Folkearth project.
Hordak were making a place for themselves in the European pagan metal scene.
Meanwhile, around 2006, Jl Frias playing bagpipes and flutes, A.Mansilla with the bass guitar and J.sierra with the Drums joined the horde.

Later they released their works "Under the Sign of the Wilderness" (2011) and "Padre" (2016), powerful, fast works full of patriotic pride and paganism
that laid the foundations of their sound and prompted them to play with bands like Finntroll, Suidakra, Alestorm, Equilibrium or Skyforger.
In 2018 they joined forces with their compatriots Crystalmoors and as result of that alliance the split "Arguma/Ophiusa" was released.
Ophiusa is a 20 minute piece of music divided into 7 chapters.

Returning to the formation of its beginnings, Autumn and Winter, the two founders of Hordak, continue with their experimental side and release
an acoustic and semi-instrumental album entitled "Los Gigantes del Bosque" (2022).

Currently, Hordak is still active and working on new material.