Hi there! We are proud to announce that June the 24th will be the date of the official release
of "Los Gigantes del Bosque" via In The Morningside Records. Here is the cover (J.P. Fourier) and tracklist.
Whomever wants a copy, can contact us at: paganbonfires@gmail.com or check out our Merch section.

Hordak - Los Gigantes del Bosque (2022)

1. Día
2. Helianthus
3. Fangorn
4. Códice Estrígido
5. Tundra y Estepa
6. Errantes
7. Hugin & Munin
8. Tyrn Gorthad
9. Noche


Hi everyone!!
We would like to announce that the recordings of the new album are finished.
We are currently working on the mixing and, if everything goes right, we should have the whole album ready quite soon.
Cover artwork and final setlist will be announced within a few weeks.

We will keep you updated. Stay strong!!


We have started the recording session for the upcoming album "Los gigantes del bosque".
The forge of this new opus will take a while, but we expect the results to be worthy,
for every worthy creation usually takes time. We will keep you updated. 


We are working on a new album. We have started the first recording samples.
It will be 99.9% acoustic and we have titled it "Los Gigantes Del Bosque".
The title is a reference to those immense beings that populate the earth and walk very slowly: the trees.
For the cover we counted this time with the fantastic Jean Pascal Fournier,
creator of covers like "At the Heart of winter" from Immortal, among other geniuses.


Ophiusa has been CD released by the label In the Morningside Records. To get your copy check merch section. Fly you fools!!


Ophiusa vinyls are sold out.


Ophiusa is officialy released!! You can get your copy through our merch section (just a few, for it is a limited edition).
Also available through Casus Belli Musica, Beverina productions and our official bandcamp.


We are pleased and proud to announce that new Hordak stuff is coming soon.
It will consist of a split album. We have joint forces with our battle brothers Crystalmoors.
We have created a single 20 minutes long song called Ophiusa "land of the serpents".
Casus Belli Musica and Beverina productions will be in charge of the release which will be set soon.
The cover has been created by Norax (Lux Divina) and it can be seen below. Artwork by Norax and Dmitry Levashov.
More news concerning the split album coming soon.


After suffering delays with the release of the album, we can confirm that the vinyls of
"The last European Wolves" have arrived safe and healthy but in a very limited edition.
Whoever wants a copy, contact us at: paganbonfires@gmail.com


We are very proud to announce that "The Last European Wolves" will be released on vinyl for the 1st time.
It will be out on March the 23th 2018. Pre-orders can be made via: paganbonfires@gmail.com



We regret to inform yoy that RAGNARD ROCK FEST has been canceled




Next summer we will be playing for the first time in France at Ragnard Rock Fest which will take place from July´s 20th ´til 23th


We are very glad to inform that we will be playing next year for the first time in Zaragoza on April 7 at Black Sun Metal Fest


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